Our Story

SWOL was created out of a deep reverence for Tequila and its ability to unite people through authentic moments.

Drinking With Friends

A brand born from the organic love of good friends sharing good times whilst sipping good Tequila. With its unique taste, SWOL Tequila brings happiness and celebration to friends and families.

It All Started When

Two friends journeyed to Mexico with a mission to create the smoothest Tequila in the world. With the help of a local partner, they were able to connect with industry veterans who taught them the traditional process of cultivating the best agave plants. After discovering the finest materials, they set out to develop an authentic recipe that would help others create memories and relationships.

Find out where you can purchase a bottle of SWOL

Place your order with our friends at CWSPIRITS.COM who have exclusive rights to our luxury blend. Don't forget to peel off the label and sew it on your favorite piece of clothing.


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